Eye Allergy Treatment


Are you suffering from itchy eyes, swollen eyelid, mucous discharge, swelling or watery eyes? Do you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes for relief? You may be experiencing symptoms of allergy eyes.


See your Eye Doctor for Allergies

At Breslow Eye Care, our eye doctors are able to provide care to help relieve the discomfort of allergies. Allergy eyes can be not only an annoyance, but a disturbance to your vision and comfort. Seasonal allergies during the spring and fall are common, yet some patients may also experience allergy eyes year round. 


Eye Drops for Swollen Eyelids

We can determine if over-the-counter eye drops are best to treat your eye allergies, or if a more powerful prescription is required, including steroid medication or antihistamine eye drops. There may even be a home eye allergy remedy that could work for you.

Swollen eyelids and red, itchy eyes are your body’s over-reaction to pollen, dust, mold spores or any seasonal foreign substance. Eye drops can alleviate some of the symptoms of eye allergies and reduce a swollen eye, but if your eye allergy suffering is more than an occasional itch, we recommend coming in to our eye care center for treatment.


Watery Eyes and Contacts

Allergies can greatly affect the comfort and success of contact lens patients. Keeping contacts clean, or using disposables, is key to seasonal allergy discomfort with contact lenses. In fact, your eye allergies might just be from needing a change in your contact lens prescription. Either way, there’s no need to suffer itching, swollen eyes during allergy season if you wear contact lenses.


Your Allergies and Symptoms

Not sure where to start finding relief? If over-the-counter eye drops aren’t helping, or aren’t doing enough, make an appointment for your vision comfort. Allergy season doesn’t have to be a dreaded time of year! Come see your eye doctor your itchy eyes, watery eyes and allergy symptoms at our eye care centers in Bexley and Lancaster.

If you are currently experiencing symptoms you think may be caused by allergies, schedule an allergy examination and let us help you get relief! Our office is also able to accept many medical insurance policies.