Digital Single Vision Spectacle Lenses Make a Difference!

Something that truly amazes me as an eye doctor is the constant improvement of spectacle (eyeglass) lenses. With demands on our eyes changing almost daily, it's vital for optometrists to offer the latest and best designs, so you can see and perform your best.

I want to take a moment to talk about a technology from Shamir that can benefit virtually every patients that needs and wears eyeglasses.

Digital Lenses - The Ultimate Fit

At Breslow Eye Care, we are proud to offer digital lenses for all patients. What is a digital lens? Simply put, we use digital technology to give patients the most accurate prescription possible.

Many factors go into making comfortable, accurate eyeglasses. Since every eyeglass frame fits every patient differently, some patients may not see as clear as they should because of the eyeglass frames that hold their prescription lenses. With digital lenses, factors such as how much a frame "wraps" around a patient's eyes, how far the frame sits from the patient's face or how much the frame tilts, are all taken into account.

Eyeglass frames can create a different viewing angle for each wearer.
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We are essentially custom designing the spectacle lens to match the prescription based on what frame the patient enjoys, and how they wear the frame on their face. It is truly "free-form technology and design."

Shamir Autograph II Single Vision Lenses

Shamir is known for innovative lens technology, and the Autograph II Single Vision Lens is another major advancement for single vision spectacle lens wearers.

People who wear glasses often complain about side vision blur, or the feeling of being confined within their glasses. For these patients, their vision is clear in the straight-ahead sweet spot, but they are less comfortable when driving, using a computer or playing sports. Complaints from single vision wearers are about the narrow central viewing area that traditional lenses provide.

With digital single vision lenses, we can custom-measure every patient to provide the widest viewing area possible, leading to a more natural, comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. Patients with a high prescription will benefit tremendously, but we have noted amazing differences for patients with very low prescriptions as well.

Wide viewing angles with Shamir Autograph II spectacle lense. Source:

In our eye care practice, it has been very satisfying for me to see patients pick up their digital single vision glasses. I can honestly say I have not seen a single unhappy patient with these spectacles. Because of experiences like these, I feel it is very important that all patients, regardless of prescription, are aware of the benefits of digital single vision lenses. We recommend them highly to all patients.

Let's Talk About Your Vision

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Experience the power of Shamir Autograph II lenses! See the difference!