Charmossas Glasses from Barcelona

When you think of Spain, what comes to mind? Blue Mediterranean waters and an incomparably mild climate? Unique, quirky architecture? Or the charm and beauty of centuries-old cathedrals and villages?

Charmossas Mafia Island Designer Glasses

All of these and more serve as inspiration for Charmossas, the new, unique eyeglass company from Spain.


Designed to impress

The Charmossas company designs glasses inspired by the natural beauty of Spain's northeast Mediterranean coast, not far from the French Riviera. From their offices in Barcelona come eyeglass designs that are as colorful as the Park Guell, as blue as the Mediterranean Sea, as versatile as the changing seasons, and yet both functional and durable.

This rather new company, founded in 2012, continues to impress with each new collection they release. Quality construction is as important to the company as fresh and innovative design, but the unique colors attract the most attention. As any Columbus, Ohio Optometrist educated at THE Ohio State University would do, Dr. Nadine Breslow selected the Scarlet and Grey Bwindi frames to feature in the gallery below. The designers in Barcelona must have known they were making Buckeye glasses when they designed these Bwindi frames!

Shown below from left to right - Bwindi Black/Pink, Bwindi Grey/Red, Ile Coco, Nosy Be

Designer Frames at Breslow Eye Care

Like red high heel shoes or a bold yellow tie, colorful Charmossas glasses say so much about your confidence and style. Get a pair in the colors of your favorite sports team, most loved season - or just your favorite color. Match them to your mood, your best outfit or your outlook on life. But don't expect cheap, fragile glasses. Charmossas are well-made, durable frames that will last for years if well cared for.

Shown below from left to right - Blue Lagoon, Isagano, Amboseli, Epupa

Order Charmossas from Breslow Eye Care

Charmossas glasses are made to be all-day comfortable, so you can own a pair as your primary glasses. If you order in person, we can help fit them when they arrive. Or order a pair over the phone and we'll ship them out to you. We can even help you select frames that fit your lifestyle... though color choice is completely up to you!

Charmossas Zambeze from Breslow Eye Care

We're proud to carry this unique high-fashion brand from Europe. We hope you enjoy wearing your Charmossas. If you have any questions about this brand, or want to learn about the other designer glasses we carry, please call. We're happy to help!

If you'd like to order from the Charmossas collection, make an appointment at the Breslow Eye Care office nearest you, or call and we'll get your Charmossas ordered ASAP!