Three Reasons To Wear Daily Disposable Contacts

If you wear contact lenses, or are considering wearing them, it’s important to know your choices, which type are right for you and how to care for them. At Breslow Eye Care, we often recommend daily disposable contacts for a number of reasons.

Here are the top three reasons we recommend wearing daily disposable contacts.

1) Your Eye Health

Non-disposable contact lenses have to be meticulously cared for. Nightly cleaning and storing is extremely important to prevent eye infection and build-up on the lenses. Daily disposables eliminate this issue all together.

Benefits can be seen most during times of high pollen count and in areas of high pollution. Every day begins with a fresh pair of contacts with no risk of build-up or lingering pollutants on your lenses. For something that is in direct contact with your eye, it’s critical to prevent infection whenever possible – and daily disposables excel at this.

2) The Cost of Contacts

Daily disposable contact lenses can be more expensive initially, but in the long run, they may actually be more affordable. Daily contact lens manufacturers offer great rebates to help reduce the cost of daily disposables. And when you consider the cost of cleaning solution for regular contacts, daily disposables can be a less expensive option from month to month.

If you have discomfort with long-term contact lenses, you might also consider the benefit of more comfortable disposable lenses, regardless of cost.

3) Your Prescription

Daily disposable contacts are available in a variety of prescriptions to fit most every requirement, such as distance, astigmatism and multi-focals. We can usually fill any prescription with daily disposable lenses. So don't let a prescription requirement keep you away from daily disposable contacts. Talk to us - chances are you can enjoy the benefits of daily disposables too!

We really enjoy fitting Biotrue contact lenses, and with our new Online Contact Lens Store, ordering refills is quick and easy. All the most common brands are available online, including Acuvue, Air Optix and Freshlook, to name a few.


See Your Eye Doctor in Lancaster, Ohio

If you live near Lancaster or the south east side of Columbus, visit Doctor Matt or Nadine Breslow to discuss your options for daily disposable contacts. Our office is in Carroll, on the outskirts of Lancaster. If you’re closer to Downtown Columbus or anywhere on the south end of the city, our Bexley Eye Care office is very convenient. We’d love to help you find contacts that work right for you!