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We’re very excited to have a selection of Kate Spade Eyewear at our Breslow Eye Care offices in Bexley and Lancaster!


About Kate Spade

Launched in 1993 as a handbag company by Kate Spade herself, the company has grown steadily to include perfume, clothing, shoes… and distinctive, fun glasses. In 2007, Kate gave control to Kate Spade & Company, formerly known as Liz Claiborne. Kate Spade has enjoyed great popularity over the last few years, in large part due to great brand consistency and frequent product updates.

We offer Kate Spade glasses because they look great, they’re made very well and there are many fun looks to choose from.


The 2015 Lineup of Kate Spade Eyeglasses

While Kate Spade sunglasses are often big and bold, their eyeglass selection is more sophisticated and simple, with a definite touch of both class and fun. The trademark spade on the sunglasses is also mostly absent from the reading glasses. You'll instead find it following the Kate Spade name on the outside, and sometimes inside of the glasses.


We offer a few more colors and options than shown above, but it gives you an idea of why we're so excited to offer these glasses.


Kate Spade Sunglasses

Unlike their sophisticated eyeglasses, Kate Spade sunglasses are very bold, with that same splash of fun. Each is made with the trademark spade symbol on the side. We recommend any sunglasses you're going to wear regularly, and these glasses are so fun and extremely well made, they'll be your favorites for a long time.

Here's a small sampling of the many different styles of Kate Spade sunglasses for 2015.



Why Spend Money on Good Sunglasses?

At Breslow Eye Care, we always recommend sunglasses for our patients, no matter the age. Even a cheap pair of sunglasses is better than nothing. But why spend money on designer sunglasses like Kate Spade?

There is a difference in quality, not just in the frames, but also in the lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter weight and are very common these days, though in differing degrees of quality. While a bit heavier, glass lenses are still used, and are excellent to wear for extended periods.

In addition to quality, a pair of sunglasses you enjoy wearing and feel you look great in will also be a pair of glasses you wear often - and for years, if cared for properly. Expect Kate Spade glasses and sunglasses to last for several years if you are relatively careful with them.

Kate Spade eyeglasses come with the pouch pictured below, and a cleaning cloth. Their sunglasses come with a Kate Spade New York hard case and cleaning cloth. To see the full line of glasses from Kate Spade, visit their website at


Get Kate Spade Glasses at Breslow Eye Care

Stop in to see our in-stock selection of Kate Spade glasses - or feel free to call and order a pair. We can ship all across the country. Take care of your eyes with a quality pair of glasses for daily wear, reading or outdoor protection. And look great doing it!