Kenneth Cole Glasses at Breslow Eye Care

Kenneth Cole is a fashion brand known for New York class and urban style in everything from messenger bags and shoes to dresses and perfume. Their line of prescription eyewear is designed with that same contemporary, individualistic and savvy style with top quality construction.

The company Kenneth Cole Productions was founded in 1982 when Kenneth, trying to show his line of shoes at Market Week in New York, rented a trailer and parked it two blocks from the event. He changed the name of the company from Kenneth Cole Incorporated to Kenneth Cole Productions to get a permit to park the trailer, and filmed the weekend, documenting the start of his shoe company. He sold forty thousand pairs of shoes that first weekend.


Kenneth Cole Eyeglasses for Men

At Breslow Eye Care, we carry a great selection of Kenneth Cole glasses. They’re affordable, but each design is uniquely styled to be a little bit different from the expected. As you can see from the sample photos below, Kenneth Cole men’s frames are classy and refined, with a nice touch of style. The metal frames below are most often made of a copper-nickel-base metal called Monel that resists corrosion and is easily adjusted, retaining its shape well when fitted.


Kenneth Cole Women’s Glasses

From simply classy to showing a bit of pizazz, Kenneth Cole eyeglasses for women are stylish and fun, but very functional. They are glasses you can wear comfortably throughout the day, and are made to be durable. From hipsters and designers, to smart and successful business women to simply fun personalities, Kenneth Cole eyeglasses have a look for you.

We can ship these designer glasses to you anywhere in the country, but if you’re near a Breslow Eye Care office in Columbus or Lancaster, we invite you in to try on a pair of Kenneth Cole eyeglasses. We all need glasses that work well day-in and day-out, but it’s fun to do it with a bit of style as well. Our associates at Breslow Eye Care can help you pick out frames that fit your lifestyle, and Doctors Nadine and Matthew Breslow provide complete, thorough eye exams complete with retinal photography.


Come try on some Kenneth Cole designer glasses at our eye care offices in Bexley and Lancaster, or order your Kenneth Cole eyeglasses by simply calling one of our offices!