Holistic Eye Care with the Breslows

Doctors Matthew and Nadine Breslow care about more than just writing your eyeglass prescription. With every eye exam you will receive a health check of your eyes to check for health related problems such as dry eye, computer vision syndrome, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.

Why eye exams are important for holistic health

Your eyes are a window to your overall health, and Doctors Matthew and Nadine Breslow have been trained, and are experienced in finding overall health warning signs that show up first in your eyes. You would be surprised at the number of health conditions we can detect with our retinal photography exam.

And should something show up, we are equipped to help you deal with it, from preventative steps to keep it under control, to treatments you can begin that day. We can also help refer you to other specialists for full-body conditions like the beginnings of diabetes or heart disease.

We offer holistic vision therapy 

For vision-specific concerns, we have therapies available to help you treat a wide variety of conditions, such as eye vitamins, lid scrubs, and eye compresses. We can talk to you about day-to-day habits that help preserve your vision and your health, and things you can do to not only relieve eye strain, but neck, back and shoulder strain.

Your overall health begins with your vision health

If you are actively involved in your health and looking to make positive changes or reinforce healthy habits, Breslow Eye Care is the optometrist for you. We love teaching what we know, and will take the time to help you understand how vision health affects your holistic health.