Tom Ford Sunglasses and Eyewear 2016

Eyeglasses are so much more than an accessory. The glasses you choose to wear are a statement about your personality as much as any pair of shoes, new top or pants. Tom Ford has been rocking the eyewear world for several years now, introducing both extravagant, and practical designs with class and quality. The 2016 updates keep the legend going in both his Tom Ford Sunglasses and Eyewear lines.


James Bond Glasses by Tom Ford

The refined and fashionable James Bond character, played by Daniel Craig, chooses Tom Ford glasses, having worn them in his last two movies. Now you can get the same sunglasses worn by Bond in the 2015 movie Spectre.

This line of four frames reflects confidence, style and an air of cool that 007 always prefers. You don't have to carry a license to kill to own these glasses, but they might give you a license to break hearts.


Tom Ford Sunglasses

The 2016 line of sunglasses by Tom Ford continues to demonstrate the company's unique ability to push boundaries in sometimes subtle, though sometimes dramatic ways - yet not land out of reach of anyone who wants a great pair of hand-made glasses.


New Tom Ford N Glasses

For a daily-wear pair of glasses that get noticed, you need to come into Breslow Eye Care and try a pair of glasses from the Tom Ford N line. Note the characteristic "T" hinge denoting a hand-made pair of glasses from Tom Ford. These are light, comfortable and look amazing.

Shown here, from left to right, are the Tom N.1, Tom N.3, Tom N.5 and Tom N.9 glasses. These frames are works of art, with suggested retail prices of $940.


Why Tom Ford Glasses?

Tom Ford has been a major influence in the fashion world since 2005. Each new Tom Ford eyeglass design is sketched by hand in the London Design Studio by leading designers under the direction of Tom Ford himself. The frames are hand-made, as you can see in this video about Tom Ford Eyewear Manufacturing and Design (opens in new window). 

The balance of a quality pair of glasses is noticeable, as is the durability of the frames. They are still fragile, as are most glasses frames, but when treated well, they will last many years. Prices range from $300 to $900 for the frames, and we can have your prescription fitted to any of the frames.


Contact Us For An Eye Exams Or To Order

If you'd like your own pair of Tom Ford glasses, call us to place your order. Remember to get your vision checked yearly before ordering new glasses. Making an appointment is easy - just call or email and we'll find a time that works best for you. Our offices are in Bexley, Ohio, just outside of downtown Columbus, and in Carroll, at the north end of Lancaster, Ohio.

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