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Children’s Eye Exams

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Vision plays an important role in all of our lives but it is especially vital for children. Clear vision and good eye coordination help lead children through both physical and social development. Children require crisp, clear, comfortable vision in order to perform well in school, sports, and other daily activities. Routine eye examinations on children can help determine if any vision correction is needed and will also evaluate eye alignment, focusing ability, and overall health.

Why a kids eye exam is important

Vision loss is something that when caught at a young age, can be treated with success. In some cases, if the child’s poor vision is not treated in time, vision may never be recovered at later years. It is recommended that children receive their first eye examination before starting pre-school, yet no child is ever too young for their first examination. We can even see children as young as 6 months!

Unfortunately, there are cases where children may not report any problems, yet may have blurred vision in one eye. Many children who are not seeing clearly do not understand that clearer vision is possible. If you notice your child struggling to read or sitting especially close to the television, they may need help seeing clearly.

If you have any questions on children’s examinations, please feel free to contact our office at any time!

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