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Emergency Eye Care

Thorough, Professional Emergency Eye Care

Unfortunately, eye emergencies happen during normal, every day activities. Accidents involving chemicals, metal, plastic, other particles, or even eyelashes can become lodged in a person’s eye or can scratch the eyes, causing discomfort or pain, and sometimes requiring emergency care. Swollen or red eyes can also be a major concern. Even contact lenses themselves can cause infections or can become stuck on the eye.


You May Not Need an Emergency Room

Hospital emergency rooms are very expensive and often require a long wait to be seen. Typically, an urgent care or general clinic will not have the ability to examine your eye injury or issue in depth and will end up referring you to see your optometrist or ophthalmologist anyway. We want to save you the time and expense of going to an emergency room if you don’t need to.

We can often respond with aid much more quickly, and if it’s vision-related, we’ll just just what to do. Our doctors have specialized equipment and expertise to handle a vast array of eye problems. Call our office and speak to one of our friendly staff members for prompt, same day treatment.

Emergency Eye Care Number

New Bexley Office Space

New Bexley Office Space

Our new optometrist office in Bexley is brighter, more open and more accommodating! Best of all, it’s right next door to our previous space. Come visit our new office!

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Costa Del Mar Glasses

Costa Del Mar makes excellent eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here’s your quick introduction to the Costa line of eyeglasses.

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